Now we also provide training in Scotland

We are really pleased to announce that a few m ago we acquired one of our long standing customers, INDISkills Training.

INDISkills Training is a well-known Health and Safety training provider in Scotland and provides training services for a number of clients including large training providers. If you have been on a first aid or health and safety course in Scotland you may well have been taught by one of the INDISkills team.

The INDISkills brand will continue and their existing customers will see very little change in the short term.

INDISkills Training will operate as a trading name of Mainplus Technology Limited.


The ethos of INDISkills and Mainplus are closely aligned in that we both care tremendously about customer service, being flexible and providing high quality services at an affordable price.

The training team at INDISkills are all training professionals with qualifications in Education and Training. This will give Mainplus the ability to add training to our portfolio of services and also give the opportunity to expand the INDISkills training offerings into the IT arena.

We have already started working on the preparation of a training course for a software product which will be delivered on behalf of a third party software company.

Increased training offerings and improving customer service

We have lots of plans for INDISkills going forward. Here are a few of the ideas we are thinking about …

  • Expanding our offering in relation to the building and delivery of bespoke training courses
  • Expansion of on-line training course offerings
  • Refresh of the INDISkills website
  • Investigate how we can introduce technology into the training industry

The more we think about how we can combine the skills of INDISkills and Mainplus the more ideas we come up with.

If there is any training oriented service you would like us to consider adding to the list or engage us to provide, drop us a line at

Our Training Website

Please have a look at the INSISkills website at to see what we currently provide.

If you are a company that needs training and …

  • Would like us to come to you rather than your staff travelling to a classroom.
  • Want training that concentrates on the needs of your business rather than something generic.
  • Prefers nationally recognised courses.
  • Thinks trainers should be talented and qualified educators not just knowledgeable in the subject.

Drop us an email at and we will get in touch with you to work out how we can offer training that provides the best value and return on investment for your business.

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