We still provide training in Scotland

A while ago we obtained one of our long standing customers, INDISkills Training. However, in August 2020 we sold on the company one of our highly skilled training subcontractors.

Despite the sale, Mainplus Technology is still able to provide bespoke training, IQA and EQA services in Scotland. We can even provide voiced presentations and animations for on-line courses.

Of course if you wish us to provide a fully fledged website offering training courses, either internally or publicly, we would be more than happy to help you get up and running. Using our WordPress experience together with proven training plug-ins we can get uyou up and running quickly at a very reasonable price.

If you are a company that needs training and …

  • Would like us to come to you rather than your staff travelling to a classroom.
  • Want training that concentrates on the needs of your business rather than something generic.
  • Prefers nationally recognised courses.
  • Thinks trainers should be talented and qualified educators not just knowledgeable in the subject.

… Contact our training specialist Chrisy at chrisy@mainplus.co.uk.