Project Management


For over 10 years Mainplus Technology has been providing Project Management, Release Management and Implementation Management to large financial institutions.  Our unusual mix of technical, project and people skills, together with our many year of experience give us an outlook and appreciation of the unique challenges that technical IT projects often encompass.

Whilst we areImage shoing a visualisation of a virtual datacentre happy to manage any IT project we do have prior experience with  IBM mainframes and have  the implementation of some very large infrastructure projects, including datacentre migrations and upgrades, under our belt.



Image showing the last piece of a jigsawbeing fittedWe are rightly proud of our implementation activities, which has included the setting up and managing of a dedicated Implementation Management team for a large financial institution.  Although we have managed a number of high profile and complex implementations we pride ourselves that none of our implementations have ever resulted in an unplanned service disruption.

We do a significant amount of project management work in the financial services sector.  This has included a significant involvement in a successful platform transformation where we managed both interlock and data migration activities.

Besides specialising in IT projects we have lately also been asked to manage a number of business projects.

We are used to working in Prince2, Agile (DSDM) project management and have been involved in many projects where a hybrid of Waterfall and Agile techniques have been used.

Image of Prince2 Practitioner Digital Badge